A new version of Virtual Eyeglasses Try On software…

…was released as version 0.6.6 on Sunday, December 02, 2012.
The version is here.

The total width of the frame in millimeters can be passed as an additional parameter. Check out the different frame size (Medium Sized, Large Metal, and Kids Glasses).

Bugfix DayFriday, December 07, 2012: The Bugfix Day
Apart from some small enhancements of the user interface two other longtime bugs are fixed:

  1.  If the webcam was closed the default frame is loaded instead of the last visited one.
  2.  If the web cam was enabled / disabled multiple times without a reload of Virtual Mirror the detection of  face and pupils doesn’t work and the spinner is shown for ever.

The link on top was updated today,  it may needed that you have to clean up your browser cache if you had gone to this page before.