OpenCart and Virtual Try On

OpenCart and Virtual Try OnYesterday I wrote some lines using php for a better integration of Virtual Mirror into OpenCart. And there was the need to add a small patch to Virtual Mirror itself for this 😉

However Virtual Mirror 0.7.0 stable is now working without any issue together with OpenCart 1.5.6.

Magento 1.8.1 and language switcher – translation of the category name missed

Store Level URL Rewrite Matching Fix

Store Level URL Rewrite Matching Fix

After updating Magento from 1.6.1 up to 1.8.1 I had to state that the names of the categories aren’t translated once again, using the language switcher. I got always the ugly 404 error back while changing the store view. The fix was to install a free extension, especially made to fix this for Magento 1.8.0, written by Vinai Kopp, working for Magento 1.8.1 too.

It’s there:
I have installed modman too to get a clean base and the language switcher is now working fine 😉