The camel and me

The camel and me

Since 2 years I have a new toy, it’s, founded together in Germany with a very good friend from India. Also I have visited India with him last year. I had to learn a lot about a completely different world, compared to Germany 😉 This is a new big step forward for me!

Thinkpad T400, Crucial M4 SSD (firmware 040H) and of course as ever

Linux FedoraThis is my basic hardware / software setup for the current software development machine at present.

It’s not the latest available, however the Thinkpad is functional and fast as usual including a perfect working finger print reader (AuthenTec AES2550/AES2810) used to login into the Gnome Display Manager (gdm).

I have replaced the optical DVD drive inside of the Ultrabay by a classical magnetic hard disk: 320 GB Western Digital, Scorpio Black, running at 7200rpm, spinned down using hdparm -Y /dev/sd* most of the time.

I love the silence of the ssd drive because it is much better to listen – for example to this: Johannes Brahms wrote it for Clara Schumann 😉

Isabelle Boulay…

…yes this is very private – may be it is a stupid idea to share these things here – anyway:

Apart from the classical music like the one of Richard Wagner I like songs by Isabelle Boulay.

Click on “Full Screen” to get the focus on that what will be important for the next minutes on this page…