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The Security Warranty

We guarantee you: Your data are safe on 

We are concerned about satisfaction and safety of our customers. Therefore we make the transmission of your personal data possible for you below use of the safest technology. 

The safety software for this used by us corresponds to the recommendation of the Federal Office for Security in the Information Technology of Germany and codes your personal data such as credit card number, account number and bank code as well as name and address with strong encryption of 256 bit. Therefore the data cannot be read during the transmission over the WorldWideWeb by unauthorizeds. 

You wonder whether there is a requirement for special configured browser or there is at all another security risk? 

Not with us. Our safety software provides the necessary encoding without additional settings and to your protection we don't use executable contents like e.g. ActiveX or Java applications. 

Valid Security Certificate

You have further questions? 

Please use our hotline under the phone number +49-3733-23494 
or mail to