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See how you look - it's as easy as 1,2,3...

1) Select the frames or sunglasses you like and click the TRY ON WITH VIRTUAL MIRROR button...

2) If you want to use your webcam click on the webcam icon. Make sure you have very good lighting and position yourself at arms length from your webcam. Let the Virtual Mirror do its work and then click on + to Add shot to gallery. You may have to click on the "Redetect pupils..."  arrows if the automatic detection goes out of focus for any reason.

3) Alternatively you can upload a picture of yourself by clicking Load Photo. Let the Virtual Mirror detect your pupils and then enter your Pupillary Distance (PD) to enable the most accurate scaling (using the crosshairs function position the crosshairs in the centre of each pupil and tick the Crosshairs box).

If you don't have your PD enter 30-30 for women and 31.5-31.5 for men. Using the Zoom / Rotate functions adjust the photo or frame until the crosshairs are centred on your pupils. When you are happy with your look click + to Add shot to gallery or click the icons to email, to save to disk, or to share on Facebook, Twitter, Fashiolista or  Pinterest.

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