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Why Bennewitz?

Bennewitz in 1946Our company was established in Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, in 1946. 

The domain "" exists since 1996.

During the past 68 years we got practical experiences. Innumerable eye examinations were done and and countless glasses were manufactured.
A very active and dynamic time began with the political revolution in the east and the German Reunification.





Bennewitz in 1946Our head office is located directly in the market place of Annaberg-Buchholz. After the reconstruction of the classified as a historicalBennewitz, Annaberg, Markt 2 monument stationary house in 1995 an eye doctor's practice is in the first upper floor. An elevator equipment was installed, two new apartments and a generous summer terrace arose. The photo on right shows the situation of the head office at the market place in Germany / Annaberg-Buchholz (Markt 2) as well as the neighbouring pharmacy (Löwen-Apotheke, Markt 3).







Bennewitz 1946There are traditional tools mixed in the company with modern computers. Eyeglass forms are digitized. Eyeglass lenses are grinded computer-controlled, by means of CNC technology, into the selected spectacle-frame. 

We have created in 1996 narrowly familiar with computers. All required software was programmed "from scratch" in-house using Linux - RedHat - Fedora with Perl, C and Python. has reached customers worldwide and the service got so successful because there are no "friction losses" between traditional handicraft and programming of software. 

Licenses of these software were sold in Germany and Switzerland since 1998... 

April 2010: We have updated our in-house programmed Virtual Mirror 
on This software is pathbreaking easy-to-use because it now contains automated pupil detection... 

March 2012: Update of Virtual Mirror: Customers can try glasses on at real time using Virtual Mirror 3D and a webcam... No download or installation is required. [Virtual Mirror 3D Project Page] 

Ulrike Apian-Bennewitz Matthias Haase