The image file format of the glasses

Because there are a lot of questions related to the image file format used by VirtualMirror here is a short answer…

At least a *.jpg of the frontal view of the eyeglasses is needed. This *.jpg should have a clean white background, without a white border around.

Ray Ban Wayfarer 2125
[at least needed]

Overlay, transparency, size, scaling, rotation, positioning will be computed by VirtualMirror itself.

Optionally VirtualMirror can use the Collada file format. This requires a web cam in any case. Both of the formats can be used together. VirtualMirror will try to enable the video mode if a Collada file (*.dae) was passed. Detailed information about Collada can be found at the following site:

The success of the Virtual Eyeglasses Try On Software…

as3 to html5

We have a lot of installations around the whole world now. The software was translated to English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese – and of course there is still the German version.

And we have extensions and code snipplets to embed this VTO into Magento, HikaShop, Shopify, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla and sCat.

Even I’m about the html5 version since months I’m not very satisfied with the result, using Dart. That’s really confusing 😉