html5 logoVersion 0.5 can be tested here in English and here in Deutsch 😉
This Virtual Try On software will work for desktops, notebooks and also for mobile devices. Even the functionality is very complex I have made a simple user interface. The detection should work nearly for any photo and also well for local video. It can be easily embedded into any e-commerce solution or web page.

There are no special requirements on server side and no other limitations.

To try your glasses on – using video and real time fitting:
1) Allow the page to use your webcam.
2) Make sure that your face is clearly visible in the video.
3) Click on “Video Mode” and see the glasses fitted to your face.
4) Have fun 🙂

Magento 1.8.1 and language switcher – translation of the category name missed

Store Level URL Rewrite Matching Fix

Store Level URL Rewrite Matching Fix

After updating Magento from 1.6.1 up to 1.8.1 I had to state that the names of the categories aren’t translated once again, using the language switcher. I got always the ugly 404 error back while changing the store view. The fix was to install a free extension, especially made to fix this for Magento 1.8.0, written by Vinai Kopp, working for Magento 1.8.1 too.

It’s there:
I have installed modman too to get a clean base and the language switcher is now working fine 😉

mod-pagespeed and Collapse Whitespace

Magento DevelopmentToday I have removed “collapse_whitespace” from “ModPagespeedEnableFilters” because I have found that this setting breaks the top navigation view of Magento using the Shopper theme. With “collapse_whitespace” enabled for example “Home > Eyeglasses > Woman’s Eyeglasses” is shown as “Home Eyeglasses Woman’s Eyeglasses”. The “>” is missed – but I have no idea why. That’s strange 🙁

Magento, Shopper theme and VTO

Last week I have updated and I was able to fix a long time bug of Magento.  The problem appears when I change the language from German to English. The names of the categories are different – that’s why I receive an 404 error. There was no translation of the category name, based by …