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I’m a German developer of C, Perl, AS3, JavaScript, an Optometrist and Virtual Eyeglasses Try On software expert.

In 1994 I wrote a complete E-Commerce-System from scratch in Perl. In 2011 it contains 16504 lines Perl. It’s very fine tuned and bugfree, running on Linux Apache, mod_perl::Registry. Licenses were sold in Germany and Switzerland since 1998…

In 2009 I wrote an application in ActionScript3, Flash, called VirtualMirror. I wrote this software for my own company at this time only to make it easier to sell eyeglasses over the internet. Customers can do a virtual try-on of sunglasses or eyeglasses.

On 2011 I’m about to add new user friendly features. VirtualMirror 0.5.* was born. This version uses automated detection of face, pupils and mouth to fit the glasses on the faces of the customers. The required backend (ActionScriptHandler for server/client handling) was written in Perl.

I’m an examined German Optometrist _and_ professional programmer, self employed since 1987, so I have a very good knowledge to code this special piece of software!

Since 2013 we have a public Virtual Mirror 0.6.9 with many enhancements. The features can be compared against the one of Fittingbox or TotalImmersion.

On September 2014 we have 59 installations of Virtual Mirror – usually for high traffic websites – around the world! And since January 2017 we have a Virtual Mirror HTML5 now. This can be used on every mobile device.

Since 2021, Virtual Mirror HTML5 can display the view of the glasses in 2D as well as 3D. The view for 3D is even possible for photos. 2D, 3D, the video mode as well as the photo mode can be used in parallel.

And since more than 20 years I was a member of many open source projects, currently for Bluefish, a web development application for experienced users (see Bluefish -> About -> my name and email are there as RedHat rpm maintainer). I’m a registered rpm package maintainer of Linux Fedora.

I also have wide experience writing C and as a server admin for dedicated Linux or FreeBSD servers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about the Virtual Mirror.

My postal address is

Matthias Haase
Markt 2

09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
BR Deutschland

The best way to reach me – even in 2023 – is to send an email to matthias_haase at bennewitz.com 😉

Sign MH


  1. Hi Mattias.

    I’m Miquel, in 2014 we used your system for Nicetolook (a company that sold glasses) now we have created our own brand Didinsky (www.didinsky.com) and we would like to use your virtual fitting room again. Would it be possible? We use Prestashop in multi-store format. Could you give us more information please?

    Thanks and best regards

  2. Hi Mattias.

    Correct, I completely understand that the software must be updated. Can you inform me about the price, how we can proceed with its installation, is it a multi-store Prestashop, also if there are any improvements and if the formula for placing the images is the same?

    Do you have a website to view the current module?

    /Greetings from barcelona

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