Virtual Mirror 1.4.2 released

Virtual Try On has browser feature detection
Browser Feature Detection

This is a bugfix release again.  Starting in Chrome 101, the amount of information available in the User Agent string will be reduced. Therefore the usage of navigator.userAgent was replaced with code for browser feature detection. That is more stable and robust.
And we have two new default models for children now: A girl and a boy 🙂 Furthermore, the quality of the scaling of the spectacle frames for 2D has been increased once again.

This 3D test works with rimless glasses for video, or in photo mode if no camera is available.
You can test Virtual Mirror 1.4.2 with different glasses and with 2D or 3D here for mobile devices and desktop computers.


  1. Can I purchase this?
    I’m developing a website for a local eyewear company and would like to add this functionality if possible. Please let me know if it’s possible for me to either download this or install it on our WordPress website using WooCommerce for e-commerce needs.

    BTW. Although my contact email may not look accurate, it is, and it is monitored as well.

      1. great! if we get the single-year license, after that first year, will functionality cease? and if so, since I’m ordering from the US, do you have any deals on pricing? I’m trying to bake this into the web design cost, but ill also need to factor in the addition of the catalog of glasses into the backend.

        In an effort to pass on savings to our client, are there any deals on the lifetime plan?

  2. There is no special deal at the moment, even most of my software is OpenSource Virtual Mirror is not – this enhances sales directly.

    But for the single-year license there will be no stop of the functionality after one year, simply free updates and support will be stopped.

    The best of the lifetime plan are the free updates!

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