A short overview of stable version 0.5.4…

  • Client sided face, pupil and mouth detection
  • Server sided image scaling
  • Detection feature does fit the eyeglasses to any face
  • Opencv is used for face detection
  • Real time web cam function
  • Written with Adobe Flash AS3 and Perl
  • Snapshot function: Up to six snapshots
  • Snapshot function uses real *.jpg encoding on client side
  • Snapshots are uploaded and saved on server
  • No user action required to upload a snapshot
  • Snapshots can be saved to disk
  • Share on facebook feature
  • User settings are saved on server
  • Any eyeglass image (*.jpg) can be loaded into by click on
  • Session ID handling
  • Can be embedded on any web page
  • No download or installation required

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