A new version of Virtual Eyeglasses Try On software…

…was released as version 0.6.6 on Sunday, December 02, 2012.
The version is here.

The total width of the frame in millimeters can be passed as an additional parameter. Check out the different frame size (Medium Sized, Large Metal, and Kids Glasses).

Bugfix DayFriday, December 07, 2012: The Bugfix Day
Apart from some small enhancements of the user interface two other longtime bugs are fixed:

  1.  If the webcam was closed the default frame is loaded instead of the last visited one.
  2.  If the web cam was enabled / disabled multiple times without a reload of Virtual Mirror the detection of  face and pupils doesn’t work and the spinner is shown for ever.

The link on top was updated today,  it may needed that you have to clean up your browser cache if you had gone to this page before.


  1. Hello,

    We are a Web Development Company based in India. We are developing a sunglasses on Magento platfiorm

    Provide more details of your “Virtual Eyeglasses Try On software”
    – price
    – support
    – update policy

    Thank you,

    Sanjay Chaudhary

  2. Hi,

    Would you please furnish me with information of “Virtual Eyeglasses Try On Software”
    – system requirement
    – price
    – support
    – update policy
    – licence policy


    Best Regards,


  3. I am interested in price of this add-on for our upcoming website. And also the legal details for use of it on our website

  4. Hello Matthias,
    I am exploring a very similar application for one of my customers.
    Can you please let me know what would be the cost of this application

    What I need is
    1. User uploads photo
    2. selects from available shapes
    3. selected eyeglass is shown on the uploaded photo
    4. user can take a screenshot of the same or a image of this needs to be exported.

    Please advice.

  5. Hello Matthias!

    I have a few questions about this extension.

    1. Does it work with the latest Magento version?

    2. Could it be developed to have other products than glasses?

    3. Cost?

    Thank you very much!

    Mathis Riiber (Denmark)

  6. Hello Matthias!

    Can i see a demo?

    Because i want to recommend it to a client and properly show him the demo too.


    1. Good Morning, John,

      thank you for your interest…

      …While my code is mostly OpenSource… Check out


      the VirtualMirror isn’t. The price for one license is at least 285,00 EUR.

      [And check the options there with care to reduce the price]

      The license includes free updates up to version 1.0.0.
      Expect version 1.0.0. not before the end of 2013.
      We assign only 1-2 licenses per country.

      VirtualMirror is software Made in Germany, I’m optometrist and
      professional programmer, self employed since 1989. This is the work of
      our small team from 2009 till today.

      Even the price is low level the features can be compared against
      the one of Fittingbox or TotalImmersion.

      About the files needed for VirtualMirror: At least *.jpg on white
      background. Overlay, alphablending, scaling, position will be computed
      by VirtualMirror itself.

      We have written a short guide how to these files can be created.

      Documentation is available.
      However the initial setup is included too.

      mit freundlichen Gruessen / from Germany with best regards,

      Diplom-Augenoptiker/Optometrist (FH)
      Matthias Haase

  7. Hello
    I am a web developer and would like to know if you can provide me with complete website offer with Magento and “Virtual Eyeglasses Try On software” and full information about:
    – system requirement
    – price
    – support
    – update policy
    – licence policy

  8. Good day.
    I am Marie Zoleta of Wear Vintage. We are an online retailer of eyewear. I would like to know if your program is possible to be embedded into our Facebook page as part of a custom tab? Hope to hear from you soon!

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