1. Would like to buy your virtual try on product for my opencart website.

    Please provide details and demo for that

  2. Dear Matthias,

    We would like to buy your virtual try on glasses for our opencart website. Can you provide more details and demo for that.

  3. Dear Matthias,

    We would like to buy your virtual try on glasses for our opencart website. Can you provide more details and demo for that.

  4. Hi Matthias,

    Can you please share demo of it.

    Actually I am going to create a Opticals website in opencart, And want to integrate the Virtual Try on.

    Please let me know the prices too…


  5. Hello, I am interested to buy virtual try on plugin for jewellery for opencart 2.x version, will you provide me the demo
    And is it compitable for all devices..Pls Rply

  6. Hi,
    what version of openacrt does it support?
    it supports 2.3 & 3.0?
    Does it work with journal theme 2?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hello I would like to integrate virtual try on with opencart and need your help. Can you provide me a demo and price as well?

    1. Good Morning, Kishan,

      thank you for your interest about Virtual Mirror HTML5.

      Virtual Mirror HTML5 latest version contains facial shape recognition,
      in result the software can give a advise for the right frame shape.

      Links (real live working environment):

      (click on “Anprobe”, right top)

      Also check the developer page, see my signature.

      About the pricing scheme: We are Germans, Europe, _not_ US, prices are
      fixed here. I know a lot about India, was many times there, my last
      visit was Dez 2019, also at the North, Punjab, close to Pakistan.

      Virtual Mirror can’t be installed by use of an automated way because it can work together with nearly every e-commerce solution. As usual the software will fully run at your hosting and we install it remotely over ssh / sftp.

      Also we can provide a download link and installation instructions for the target system. Updates and support are included. There is no restriction on the number of frames in use and there is no monthly fee.

      Virtual Mirror continues to work even if your license has expired. Only free updates and support will be terminated.

      You need at least a picture of the frame on white background as *.jpg. The transparency, cropping and scaling is done internally by Virtual Mirror itself.

      The deep link to the order page is:

  8. Hello,

    I would like to know how the virtual try-on extension works on products for Opencart.

    Would I need to modify the glasses for the try-on or upload specific images for the try-on or the extension does that the modification.


    1. You need at least a frontal view of the glasses on white background as *.jpg for the 2D mode. Overlay, transparency, scale and crop will be done by Virtual Mirror HTML5 internal for that case.

  9. We are very interested in this try-on function. What we want to know are:
    1. Is it a plug-in type or does it require you to install it?
    2. What version of opencart does it support?
    3. Does it support the latest version of journal3 theme
    4. Do you have opencart’s online demo background?

    1. Thank you for your interest. Replies are:

      1) Even the gui is very simple the functionality is not. Initial installation is required. This will be done by us and it’s inclusive. You will get a documentation of the small changes done. The core of OpenCart will be untouched.

      2) It will work for every version of OpenCart.

      3) Yes.

      4) We have several installations on OpenCart. Instead of a demo please visit


      instead. There is a 2d installation of an older version at production level.


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