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Annaberg, 23.05.2018

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  1. Hi, we would be interested in your virtual mirror hat try on software and wondered how much this is and if it could be made compatible with our ekmpowershop ecommerce website? Look forward to hearing back from you.


    1. Hi, Rachael,

      so far I see your website is UK based, for that case you can have the
      Virtual Try On for hats, initially coded by me for Philomena Kwok, Australia.

      She has the ownership (copyright) for Australia.

      > could be made compatible with our ekmpowershop ecommerce website?
      This will work.

      The license has same price as the usual one for eyeglasses and can be
      ordered here. Check out the possible options for
      “Validity of the license…” drop down box.

      mit freundlichen Gruessen / from Germany with best regards,

      Diplom-Augenoptiker/Optometrist (FH)
      Matthias Haase


      From: Matthias Haase
      To: Rachael Hand
      Subject: Re: Virtual Hat Try On
      Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 11:47:25 +0100
      X-Mailer: Claws Mail 3.9.2 (GTK+ 2.24.22; x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu)

      Am Wed, 6 Nov 2013 10:26:20 +0000
      schrieb Rachael Hand :

      > Hi, thanks for the info but a little unsure about the Phil Kwok
      > connection?
      Have coded the Hat Try On only for her, but as the programmer I have
      the copyright for every country excepting Australia, in result you can
      get the software directly from me.

      > I’m not a terribly technical person so am trying to
      > understand these things myself so I’m sorry if I sound somewhat
      > stupid!  Also, is the license the same as the software itself??

      >  Pretty much a novice with this sort of thing but would really like
      > this kind of functionality available to our customers on our site or
      > by way of linking to an external site.
      > I’ve just gotten off the phone with our ekmpowershop guys and they
      > say that software of this nature wouldn’t be compatible with our site
      > as the photos uploaded by customers couldn’t be stored, even
      > temporarily so we’d need a separate functioning site or a link for
      > our customers to connect to??
      The ekmpowershop guys are right, and I know this, however we have
      similar limitation for the Shopify platform and VirtualMirror is
      working well because the backend (it handles the user uploads and user
      session) can be hosted on a different server. We provide the
      installation of the backend on, that’s a strong dedicated
      server, managed by me here. This is free – and for the customers
      there isn’t any difference regarding the functionality.

      > Not sure if I’m making sense or even understand myself on this.  If
      > you could assist further that would be great.
      As usual we do all of the installation steps.

      Websites running Shopify and Virtual Mirror:

      Here are some links to high traffic sites around the
      world, using my VirtualMirror:

      mit freundlichen Gruessen / from Germany with best regards,

      Diplom-Augenoptiker/Optometrist (FH)
      Matthias Haase

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