Working on Virtual Mirror HTML5 version 0.7
Working on Virtual Mirror HTML5 version 0.7

Upcoming Virtual Eyeglasses Try On HTML5 Version 0.7

The new Tile View of snapshots to compare glassesWorking on the upcoming Virtual Mirror HTML5 version 0.7. One enhanced feature of the outdated Adobe Flash Virtual Mirror will be ported to the HTML5 version: Multiple snapshots and the tile view, based on the work done in past, see image left. But there will be no upload or any communication with a server side running script anymore. Also we have the requirement to tweak this for small touch screens on mobile devices.

Although I like minimalistic programming this is the most requested feature of our customers even it’s already possible to create and save a snapshot with the current stable version of Virtual Mirror. There is no release date at present because I have serious problems working on very different tasks at the same time unfortunately…

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