VirtualMirror 0.6.0 was released today…

…after more than one year and with a clear delay I have released VirtualMirror 0.6.0. For best results good light and contrast and a webcam with at least 640×480 native resolution is needed.


  • Build against the new library VirtualMirrorDetector.swc.
  • True 3d Augmented Reality using Collada file format as an option.
  • Pose estimation.
  • Higher precision of detection with different algorithm.
  • Faster tracking of the glasses after one initial detection of face and pupils.
  • Faster speed of detection on statical uploaded images.
  • Initial detection on video may take some seconds.
  • Centered parking position of glasses.
  • Fade effect between video and photo mode.
  • Re-Detection function.
  • The yellow rectangles are removed (upload photo).
  • Bug fixes and corrections.
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