VirtualMirror 0.6.0 was released today…

…after more than one year and with a clear delay I have released VirtualMirror 0.6.0. For best results good light and contrast and a webcam with at least 640×480 native resolution is needed.


  • Build against the new library VirtualMirrorDetector.swc.
  • True 3d Augmented Reality using Collada file format as an option.
  • Pose estimation.
  • Higher precision of detection with different algorithm.
  • Faster tracking of the glasses after one initial detection of face and pupils.
  • Faster speed of detection on statical uploaded images.
  • Initial detection on video may take some seconds.
  • Centered parking position of glasses.
  • Fade effect between video and photo mode.
  • Re-Detection function.
  • The yellow rectangles are removed (upload photo).
  • Bug fixes and corrections.


  1. Buenos dias, quisiera saber acerca de su software, ya que estamos interesados en adquirirlo, nosotros nos dedicamos a venta de lentes y se nos hace interesante el vender atraves de la Web, que requisitos tecnologicos necesitamos tener?, como es la configuracion de los lentes?, tienen la version en Español?, de antemano gracias.
    En espera de sus comentarios.

    1. Alejandro,

      yes, Virtual Mirror HTML5 was fully translated to Spanish. You need at least a frontal view of the glasses on a white background as *.jpg
      Overlay, scaling and cropping will be done by Virtual Mirror internal. The software will be installed at you hosting.

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