Joomla, Hikashop and VirtualMirror

Hikashop LogoOver this dark day – we got our first big snow here – I have written some code to embed Virtual Mirror into Hikashop, an extension for Joomla. While I have written our own e-commerce system in past using Perl and while I’m very familiar with Magento since the last year this was a new experience.

The best documentation of Hikashop is the php code of Hikashop ūüėČ

VTO Release

Virtual Mirror 0.6.4 was released today.

  • Rewritten functions for crosshairs
  • Enhanced visibility for crosshairs
  • The new crosshairs are white from now
  • This is needed for the upcoming PD measurement function
  • Corrected scale factor for inital size of crosshairs
  • All controls are enabled at initalization time
  • Cosmetic changes


  • Client-side face and pupil detection
  • Pose estimation
  • Server-side image scaling
  • Detection feature does fit the eyeglasses on face
  • Real time web 2d and 3d cam function
  • Written in Perl (mod_perl) and ¬†Adobe Flash AS3
  • Snapshot function: Up to six snapshots
  • Client-side *.jpg encoding
  • Background upload of snapshots to server, no user action is required
  • Snapshots can be downloaded
  • Share on Facebook | ¬†Twitter | ¬†Fashiolista | Pinterest | MailToFriend function
  • Any possible user action is auto-saved on server without the need to press a save button
  • Only a *.jpg of the glasses ¬†on a white background is needed
  • Automated scale factor | position coordinates | rotation | overlay of the glasses
  • Can be embedded in any web page
  • No download or installation required on client-side
  • Made in Germany


Need for speed – mod_pagespeed


Over this day I have added mod_pagespeed including some fine tuning for Magento. After enabling it (lastest stable x86_84 for Fedora 17 / CentOS) I got a lot xml errors.

However I was able to fix all of these errors.

The convert_meta_tags filter of mod_pagespeed has changed the whole initial site definition to xml even it is still html because of this meta, added in past for the semantic web extension:

<html xmlns=”” version=”XHTML+RDFa 1.0″ xml:lang=”en”>

Here are  my settings for /etc/httpd/conf.d/pagespeed.conf:

# endur 14-10-12
ModPagespeedDisableFilters convert_meta_tags,inline_css,inline_javascript,remove_quotes
ModPagespeedEnableFilters collapse_whitespace,remove_comments

# endur 14-10-12 – enhanced cache for images
ModPagespeedFileCacheSizeKb 512000

Really important was the disabled convert_meta_tags filter to get mod_pagespeed working for me. The result is really impressive!