Writing code for Virtual Mirror on Linux Fedora
Writing code for Virtual Mirror on Linux Fedora

New Virtual Try On for Eyeglasses

Today I have released Virtual Mirror HTML5 0.5.5. Version HTML5 0.5.5 can be tested here. It has a new functionality: Virtual Mirror doesn’t use the build-in complex face detection over the default model anymore. We use pre-defined values instead from now. So the first load of Virtual Mirror is much faster for devices with a low CPU frequency… As an addition – without any version change – the predefined limitation of the scale factor on the video mode is removed since 13.08.2017 😉


  1. Hello, Matthias. Great work, really!
    Can you help me: how I can obtain this Virtual Mirror (is it downloadable somewhere or I need to buy in) and how I can use it with WordPress/Woocommerce in my online store?
    Thank you!

  2. I want to use this extension on my eye glasses online ecommerce shop run on blue host server (basic plan).I use open cart it work on this set up.Will each frame have V TRY ON mentioned on it? What happens if I change later to other shopping cart or move business on other web hosting server? Will all future upgrade be free ? Can I install trial version on my website before I make decision of purchase?Will you help for installation if required and trouble shooting later if it stops working? Do I need to change basic codes on server or shopping cart?DO we need PD TO try?Thanks in advance.

    1. Sam, these are a lot of questions, I’ll try to answer to every question…

      1) Virtual Mirror will work with every version of OpenCart.
      2) Every frame will have the Try On option.
      3) You will get the software itself, in result it can be installed on a different hosting.
      4) Upgrades are free.
      5) There is no trial version available, Virtual Mirror HTML5 is written in JavaScript.
      6) The installation is included, you can be sure that it will work.
      7) Support is available for the life time of your license, by Skype, eMail or by use of Teamviewer.
      8) No basic changes are required.
      9) No PD is required. Virtual Mirror scans for the pupils by itself 😉

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