Virtual Mirror 1.0

Virtual Try Version 1.0

Virtual Try
Virtual Mirror 1.0

12 years after the first release of Virtual Mirror v0.5, the final version 1.0 is now ready. It has been a long road, but the result is impressive. Virtual Mirror 1.0 can handle photos as well as 2D and 3D videos in real time.

Many hints and insights gained from practical experience on highly frequented websites of opticians and manufacturers of spectacle frames became part of this result.

You can test the release 1.0 yourself right now here online.

Note 1: This Virtual Try runs entirely client-side within your browser. No data will leave your device, your privacy is completely preserved. Even if you load your own photo, this is not an upload.

Note 2: The eyeglasses for 3D aren’t optimized by size. With a narrowband internet connection, significant loading times may occur.


  • Based on TensorFlow/JS 2.7
  • More modular structure of the JavaScript
  • 468 3D facial landmarks detection
  • Optimization for front-facing cameras on mobile devices
  • At least a refresh rate of 20 frames per second (Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 10) can be reached for 3D facial tracking end eyeglasses – rendering at real time
  • Fast, parallel tracking with WebAssembly / SIMD
  • More accurate recognition of face shapes
  • More precise, faster tracking for 2D
  • Extended handling of various webcams
  • Calculation of the device pixel ratio for a consistent result on different devices
  • …and more changes and bug fixes than I can fully remember…

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