Facial Shape Recognition

Facial Shape Recognition with Virtual Try On Software

On the recommendation of a customer, we have added facial shape recognition to the Virtual Mirror software.

For the selection of suitable spectacle shapes we distinguish between heart-shaped, round, rectangular and oval faces. Depending on the recognized face shape, the software suggests aesthetically optimally fitting spectacle shapes. For an oval or round face, for example, a rectangular eyeglass shape is best. The software of the respective online shop should provide appropriate product filters or product groups.

Round Face Shape
Angular Face Shape
Oval Face Shape
Heart-Shaped Face

The correct determination of the face shape is quite complex, in addition there are mixed types of facial shapes. The programmed soft logic is capable of processing different lighting conditions, the distance to the camera and head movements.


  1. Buenas tardes, mi nombre es Aresio Pardo De Panamá y soy Optometrista con una página web que no he podido echar andar ya que me falta completarla. Me gustaría tener su función de espejo virtual para gafas. Mi plataforma es wordpress deseo saber precio de licencia, tiempo, instalación, si hay apoyo una vez instalado, cantidad de gafas que se puedan carga, todo lo referente a este. Estoy muy interesado y conseguir otros sofware igual mente para instalarlos en mi plataforma. Me pueden apoyar de favor mis datos los dejo abajo correo, teléfono +507 67218778 . Gracias bendiciones.

    1. Good Morning,

      Virtual Mirror HTML5 will work perfectly on WordPress. The installation can be done by me and is inclusive, support also for sure.
      There is no limitation for the count of the eyeglasses in use. The installation can be done within one day.
      The price for one license starts at 285,00 EUR incl. everything and can be ordered here:

      Please select the HTML5 version which will work for desktop computers and mobile devices.
      There is also a life time license available, which doesn’t expire after one year.

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