1. > Micky says:
    > March 6, 2020 at 9:55 pm
    > Hi,
    > Virtual Try looks interesting. Apoligies if I am missing the obvious, it has been a long day, but how much is this plugin and how does one purchase it?

    > Many thanks

  2. @Micky: In reply to your question:
    Virtual Mirror can’t be installed by use of an automated way because it can work together with nearly every e-commerce solution. As usual the software will fully run at your hosting and we install it remotely over ssh / sftp.

    Also we can provide a download link and installation instructions for the target system. Updates and support are included. There is no restriction on the number of frames in use and there is no monthly fee.

    Virtual Mirror continues to work even if your license has expired. Only free updates and support will be terminated.

    You need at least a picture of the frame on white background as *.jpg. The transparency, cropping and scaling is done internally by Virtual Mirror itself.

    The deep link to the order page is:

  3. Please send me information and prices for the virtual try-on system

    many thanks

    Guillermo Flores

  4. Interesting. I uploaded my picture and it detected my face shape and superimposed a pair of glasses so that was great. The option was there to see suitable glasses, great. But then I couldn’t find how to select a frame to see it on my face, am I missing something? I’m a web developer looking into this tech for an optician client.

    1. To be more clear:
      At first the Virtual Mirror HTML5 detects the facial shape. Based on that a dynamic link will be there, and that link target is configurable and will show filtered eyeglasses, matching the detected facial shape.

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