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Today I have released version 0.8.1 of Virtual Mirror HTML5.

The glasses are now stabilized for the important video mode. There is no longer this strange shaking, caused in particular by the analog noise of the web camera.
This was realized by an additional motion detection. I have it optimized for a long time, and I think the result is acceptable.

Since version 81 the Chrome browser will process the EXIF data and align images correctly (portrait or landscape), same for Safari since version 13.1. Therefore the internal processing of Virtual Mirror must be switched off for these browsers. This may also affect Firefox from the future version > 75 on. Virtual Mirror 0.8.1 includes these corrections.

The release of Virtual Mirror HTML5 Version 0.8.1 can be tested like every version of this Virtual Try On Software. You can check the result here.


    1. Good Morning, Karen…

      …and many thanks for your interest!

      The price is at least 285 EUR for one year including installation and
      support. Virtual Mirror continues to work even if your license has
      expired. Only free updates and support will be terminated.

      There is no limitation for the count of the frames and there aren’t any
      other additional or monthly fees.

      Virtual Mirror HTML5 latest version contains facial shape recognition,
      in result the software can give an advise for the right frame shape.

      Links (real live working environment):

      (click on “Anprobe”, right top)

      You need at least a picture of the frame on white background as *.jpg.
      The transparency, cropping and scaling is done internally by Virtual
      Mirror itself.

      The deep link to the order page is:


  1. Hello
    Our idea is to have a website where our customers can try the different glasses we sell, (probably around 50 options) that’s why we need a software that can work online with our website, we don’t know the traffic yet, we will know more when we launch it, but do you have an estimated price for us to have an idea?
    How complicated is the software? Would we need a developers and design area in our company or do you give that service?
    Thanks, regards

    1. The embedding of Virtual Mirror HTML5 into WordPress + Woocommerce will be seamless, it’s not complicated to use. However you need to provide the pictures for the glasses, it should be at least be frontal view on white background.

      Also the total width by use of millimeters can be passed to Virtual Mirror HTML5. In result the software scales the glasses matching this given dimension and the customer will have an impression if the frame size is right or too large or small.

      We are a small team here, we don’t do any picture processing or web design. We are programmers and not designers…

  2. Hello.

    I’m interested in your software.
    Is there a possibility to visualize the legs of the glasses?
    Will it be implemented in the future?

    Great product!

    1. Alain,
      thank you for your interest.

      Showing the temples requires 3d.
      We have used 3d in past for the old style interface which you may like.
      The 3d feature was removed afterwards and not re-added to the
      HTML5 variant.

      You can see it here at the end of the video

      The 3d feature will be “re-introduced” for upcoming versions of the Virtual
      Mirror HTML5 as an option.

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