Virtual Try 1.3 and Facemesh
Facemesh and Me

Virtual Try Version 1.3 for glasses is here

Virtual Try 1.3 and Facemesh
The Facemesh, the Glasses and Me

Virtual Mirror Version 1.3 was released this Saturday. The size of the video window can be configured now.

Version 1.3 can be tested with rimless glasses and 3D here for desktop computers only.
You can test Virtual Mirror 1.3 with different glasses and with 2D and 3D here for mobile devices and desktop computers.

However, in a work environment, on a website with glasses, Virtual Mirror automatically switches between the devices in use, such as mobile devices or desktop computers. On this page you can test both views without switching devices.
30.12.2021:  A full revision of the tracking over video stream was added.

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